The future belongs to those creating

It's easy to fall into the trap of constantly consuming content. With one quick swipe on our phone we read what other people are watching, hearing, and creating. But how much of that content are <em>you</em> creating? How much of that content has been shaped and shifted by your mind, your own hands? And how much of that has a deep, meaningful, and lasting effect on your life?

Few people are strategic with how they consume, rather - whatever appears in their inbox or newsfeed is what they digest. And the people creating the content are shaping thoughts and feelings, both within your mind and society at large.

To take an extreme example, [Ann Coulter]( is creating. She publishes book after book after book of Republican far-right wing beliefs. Although her views are absurd, she is the one setting the tone on the news, in interviews, and to a large extent, in many parts of American society. Why? Because at a very basic level, she's consistently creating.

To create content gives you some power, because you can shape what other people think. How other people think. Even if people disagree with you, they are doing so as a reaction to what you're making.

And this is not about tangible creations, only. There's so much within ourselves to discover, to become, to create. But constantly consuming content gets in the way of this work. It obstructs us from pursuing the art within our own lives. It stops us from making our own futures.

If you want to shape your own life and art, consume less. Create more.